Start-up / CommissioningNovember 2018
Capacity800 Nm³/hr raw biogas (future: 1,200 Nm³/hr raw biogas)
500 Nm³/hr biomethane (future: 1,000 Nm³/hr biomethane)
Methane concentration in raw biogas55%
Methane concentration in product gasStandard: 97% without THT odorant directly supplied to neighbouring factory
Potential of: 89% with THT odorant supplied to national gas grid


Veendam, Netherlands

Bright Biomethane engineered a multifunctional biogas upgrading system which easily alternates between two methane concentrations of the biomethane, with or without THT odorant injection. The pure product gas (biomethane) with 97% methane concentration and without THT odorant is supplied directly to the neighbouring magnesium salt factory. The THT odorized biomethane with a methane concentration of 89% can be supplied to the national gas grid to guarantee receipt of biomethane when the magnesium salt factory is not able to do so.
The biomethane plant produces over 4 million Nm3 biomethane annually (500 Nm3/hr), that will be in the near future expanded to over 8 million biomethane (1,000 Nm3/hr).