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Renewable gas trade service

Streamlining and enhancing the offtake of your biomethane, bio-LNG, and bio-CO2, offering comprehensive support in the renewable gas trade and certification.
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Certification & gas offtake support

In increasingly more voluntary carbon markets, renewable gas producers are required to get their product certified and commercialized by themselves. Accessibility to legislation, market insights, and possible buyers can be challenging for small producers. To this end, Bright Renewables offers its expertise and network as biofuel producer to support its clients in the process of certification and gas offtake.

Sustainability certification support

  • Assistance in obtaining a sustainability recognition such as ISSC certification (necessary for biomethane and bio-LNG offtake)
  • Assistance with the annual renewal audit of ISCC recognition
  • Assistance in preparing monthly sustainability claims (necessary for ISCC and biomethane and bio-LNG offtake)
  • Guidance in preparing CO2 reduction calculations (necessary for ISCC and biomethane and bio-LNG offtake)
  • Assistance in liquid CO2 certification and sales
  • Advice on co-product selection (from sustainability certification and biomethane and bio-LNG price)
  • Advice in the field of feedstock and system configuration for optimal valorisation of biomethane and LNG (lowest possible CO2 footprint).
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CI Score calculations

A big driver of the value of biomethane and bio-LNG is the carbon intensity (CI). A better CI-score means a higher price for the produced renewable gas. Based on the CI-score, the price for the green value of produced biomethane and bio-LNG is determined.

To calculate the CI Score, we perform a life cycle analysis of the process and technology involved in the production of biomethane and/or bio-LNG. This determination is carried out based on a detailed analysis of your project specifications. We also give advice on technology selection and process configuration to improve the carbon intensity, and hereby improve revenues.

Make use of Bright's network

As we are producing biofuels from our owned and operated bioenergy plants, Bright continuously seeks optimal offtake opportunities and strives to find maximal value of biomethane, bio-LNG, and bio-CO2. This has allowed us to build a robust network. Our offtake support can be offered throughout Europe and the Unites States.

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Gas offtake services

Gas offtake agreements represent a long-term guarantee for the bankability of projects. We offer a comprehensive renewable gas trade service, including biomethane and CO2 offtake, alongside our advanced technology portfolio. As both a technology provider and operator, we can ensure optimized performance and investment returns both for ourselves and our customers. Our sustainability-certified plants unlock access to high-value markets.