PurePac Grand in Idaho, USA

Large-scale biogas upgrading project in Idaho, USA. The biogas upgrader significantly improves the CI score of the client, in addition to efficient RNG production.
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Improved CI score

The biogas upgrader, a PurePac Grand, in Idaho in the USA, significantly improves the CI score of the client. The plant uses membrane technology, meaning the gas is separated utilizing an imposed pressure difference over the membrane. Two gas streams will be obtained from the plant, a product gas with a high methane value and a CO2-rich gas. Using membranes with high separation efficiency allows recovery of the highest possible methane yield.

RNG production

RNG produced
0 million SCFM / year
CO2 savings
0 metric tons / year

The biogas purification system has a pretreatment of the raw biogas and membrane separation technology, which results in high-quality and efficient renewable natural gas production. The client produces 670 SCFM of RNG per hour, effictively converting organic waste into renewable natural gas.

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RNG produced
0 million SCFM / year
CO2 savings
0 metric tons / year

Technical aspects

Capacity biogas
Capacity biomethane
Methane concentration biogas
Biomethane purity
Methane recovery
Electrical consumption
Pretreatment raw biogas
1,000 SCFM/hr
670 SCFM/hr
≥ 99.5 %
0.26 kWh/Nm3 of raw biogas

Project highlights

  • 3-staged membrane technology
  • Pretreatment of the biogas
  • Incorporated heat recovery
  • Easy operation and control with advanced software
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