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BioCNG systems: PurePac-CNG

Our bio-CNG system is a virtual pipeline solution and the lifesaver for biomethane deployment and growth when no gas grid infrastructure is in place.
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Biomethane to bioCNG

Producing renewable natural gas, or biomethane, can even be done at production sites where no gas pipeline or gas grid infrastructure is available. Our PurePac-CNG is an ideal solution for these production sites as the produced biomethane is compressed to sustainable compressed natural gas. Suitable for transport to a grid entry point or gas fuel station. More on our virtual pipeline technology.

Our product range

PurePac-CNG Mini

Small-scale system for a seamless integration into existing operations, providing a cost-effective solution for bio-CNG production.

PurePac-CNG Compact

Compact system as an ideal solution for those looking to expand their renewable energy business with an efficient bio-CNG system.

PurePac-CNG Medium

Medium-sized system equipped with advanced technology to ensure high-yield bioCNG production, operational reliability, and sustainability.

PurePac-CNG Grand

With its robust design and advanced technology, the plant enables large-scale bio-CNG output. Ideal for large business operations.

How does it work?

Virtual Pipeline - Bright Renewables - BioCNG technology
Bright Renewables - Biogas Upgrading - Bio-CNG - Project Michigan USA

The Versatility of Bio-CNG Production

Bio-CNG production offers a compelling solution, especially suited for off-grid locations lacking pipeline or gas grid infrastructure. By locally producing bio-CNG for use as a transport or vehicle fuel, it cuts dependence on imported fuels. Furthermore, bio-CNG seamlessly integrates into existing natural gas systems and vehicles, underscoring its adaptability. Its application spans across numerous sectors such as transportation, industrial heating, power generation, and even as a cooking fuel, showcasing its broad versatility and utility in meeting diverse energy needs.