mcTER 2024 (IT)

Meet Bright Renewables at mcTER 2024. The event takes place on June 27 in Milan Italy. You can find the Bright team at desk 39, where you can find out more about our technologies like biogas upgrading and CO2 liquefaction. Make sure to register your ticket.

Bright Renewables CarboPac-L Grand - Biogas Upgrading - CO2 Liquefaction - Project Tilburg Netherlands

the future is Bright

Biogas purification with membrane technology, makes it possible to achieve the highest possible methane yield through membranes with high separation efficiency. At the core of Bright’s biogas upgrading system lies membrane technology. In addition to biogas upgrading, Bright can also provide technology for landfill gas upgrading. All upgrading systems benefit from the add-on of a CO2 liquefaction technology. This enhances CO2 recovery, further improving the Carbon Intensity (CI) score.


mcTER 2024 combines an exhibition conference and a unique opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the field of sustainable energy with meetings, conferences and workshops. With a focus on sustainable solutions and renewable energy, mcTER Milano aims to explore the energies of the future. mcTER Milano is also an important networking platform, providing the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, experts, and professionals.