Project of Bright marks important milestone for valued partner Evonik

29 September 2023
A Bright Renewables project marks an important milestone for our valued partner Evonik. Evonik is celebrating its 1,000th reference plant for biogas upgrading using SEPURAN® Green membranes, an innovative technology developed by Evonik. The biogas upgrading plant - located in Germany - is a project of Bright and signifies a major stride in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

Renewable solution

Bright plays a role in this milestone with the development of the biogas upgrading system including CO2 liquefaction technology. This project is being developed on behalf of three local farmers and it involves the transformation of organic mass – primarily consisting of manure – into high-purity biomethane and bioCO2 using Evonik’s SEPURAN® Green hollow-fibre membranes. The project features a PurePac Grand biogas upgrader of 1600 Nm3/hr with an integrated CO2 liquefier of 1200 kg/hr. The generated renewable gas will be fed into the local natural gas grid, contributing to the region’s renewable energy supply. The produced bioCO2 will be suitable for food applications and serve as a sustainable source of raw material for the regional beverage sector.

Jafeth Bulsink, Manager Sales at Bright Renewables, states,

“This project marks a special occasion as Evonik achieved their 1,000th reference, showing our joint commitment to excellence, innovation, renewable energy, and sustainability. It is a symbol of our teamwork in working towards a greener and more sustainable future by realizing renewable gas projects across the world. We are looking forward to more biogas plants where our technologies come together.”


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