• CO2 recovery

    Recover the CO2 that is removed from the biogas to create an extra valuable end-product

CO2 Liquefaction / CO2 Recovery

In addition to the production of biomethane the Bright Renewables systems may be used to recover and liquefy COto create an extra source of revenue for the owner of the biogas plant with biogas upgrading system. Zero methane slip is achieved since the small amount of methane still present in the CO2 is recovered during the liquefaction process. When no liquid CO2 production is required, the recovery system can be put in a stand-by mode that requires no additional energy.

Extra source of revenue!

By extending the Bright Renewables system with a CO2 recovery module the gaseous CO2 that is produced during the upgrading can be liquefied. This liquid CO2 has food grade quality and can be used in:

Green houses

Refrigeration installations

Food and beverage industry


CO2 Recovery Technology

This is how we do it

  • Compressor

    The CO2 is compressed in a non lubricated two stage process compressor.

  • Filter

    From the compressor the CO2 goes to the activated carbon  filter to remove any remaining odour compounds/impurities.

  • Dryer

    The filtered gas passes  through an automatic molecular sieve dryer to completely remove the moisture.

  • Condenser

    The purified gas is sent to the CO2 liquefier; traces of non condensable gases still contained in the CO2 remain gaseous while the CO2 condenses in the liquefier.

  • Stripping Tower

    Any entrained non-condensables such as oxygen, methane and nitrogen are effectively removed in the stripping tower.

  • Pure Liquid CO2

    The pure liquid CO2 flows to an insulated storage tank.