Concluding of two biogas upgrading projects in France on same day

2 February 2023
Two biogas upgrading projects in France by Bright Renewables both premiered yesterday with biomethane production and injection to the gas grid. This signifies the official start of biomethane generation at both locations, which are 800km apart. One project is in Amélecourt in the eastern ‘Grand Est’ part of France, while the other is in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the South-West of France. Bright has built over 20 biogas upgrading projects in France and is currently developing multiple projects across the country.

Maintenance Support

Aligned to the projects and market growth, Bright’s local maintenance and commissioning team is equipped to enable 24/7 availability and efficient and responsive support.

Samuel Yonnet, Sales Manager France, comments: “Only thanks to strong team work and coordination, both from the project management and the maintenance and commissioning team on site, these project accomplishments were made possible. Biomethane is a key component for France to reach sustainability goals, as it provides a way to produce renewable energy that is compatible with existing energy infrastructure and can be produced locally and decentralized. I am thrilled that with our clean energy technology we stimulate local economic development, provide energy access to rural communities, and are part of the sustainable transformation of both our clients as well as the of France.”


The French government has implemented policies and incentives to encourage the development of biomethane production, and it is expected to play an increasing role in the country’s energy mix in the coming years. Visit Bright at the Bio360 event on February 8-9 in Nantes, France to discuss Bright’s different proprietary renewable gas technologies built around biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, carbon capture, and bioLNG that contribute to these developments.