Bright Renewables constructed a biogas upgrading system for Waterstromen

17 June 2024
Bright Renewables provided and constructed the biogas upgrading system at BIR Lichtenvoorde. BIR (Biologische Industriële Reststoffenverwerking) is a partnership between Waterstromen and GMB BioEnergie. The biogas purification plant built by Bright has a capacity of 500 Nm3 biogas per hour and has been producing biomethane for over a month, the produced biomethane is injected into the natural gas grid.

Biogas upgrading valorizes biogas, as biomethane can be applied to many (industrial) processes. The biogas purification at Waterstromen has an expected annual production of 3.2 million Nm3 of biomethane. The generated biomethane is injected into the grid and sufficient for the annual gas use of 2,200 Dutch households.
Biogas upgrading project - Bright Renewables - NL
Biogas upgrading project - Bright Renewables - NL

Biogas purification

For high-purity biomethane production, CO2 need to be separated from biogas. Bright utilizes membrane technology for this process and uses a three-stage membrane system with highly selective membranes. These membranes efficiently and rapidly pass CO2 compared to methane. Membranes with high separation efficiency, enable the maximization of green gas yield and ensure minimal methane slip.

Renewable energy at BIR Lichtenvoorde

The biogas facility is located in the Lichtenvoorde, here industrial organic residual streams are converted into biogas. Thereafter the biogas is converted to green gas, which is injected into the natural gas grid. The biogas facility has been in operation since 2003 and Waterstromen expanded the facility over the years. In 2024 the biogas installation is expanded with a biogas upgrading plant for the transition from electricity and heat generation with CHPs to production of green gas.