Aquafin and Bright provide biomethane and cleaner water in Antwerp

10 May 2021
The purification of biogas into biomethane for the Belgian water company Aquafin will be managed by Bright. This is also the first project of "Bright Upgrading as a Service". Bright as a Service will be responsible for the maintenance of this beautiful site.

Aquafin's waste water treatment facility in Antwerp purifies the sewage water so it can be returned to nature. Bright will install the PurePac Compact biogas upgrading unit on this location, so that besides the purification of water, biomethane can also be produced on the Aquafin site. Currently the groundwork is being realised and the biomethane plant is expected to be operational by the end of June.

Bright Upgrading as a service: Carefree Operation

After delivery, Bright Upgrading as a Service (Biomethane as a Service) will take care of the maintenance of the biomethane installation. Via the helpdesk and the maintenance and service team, Bright offers a 24/7 service. Thanks to Bright Upgrading as a Service, customers such as Aquafin can operate their own biogas upgrading plant without having to worry about maintenance.

“We chose Bright after a market survey in which both the pricing and the technical experience fully met our expectations. Bright did everything they could to deliver and install the installation within the specified time frame. We also appreciated the way they thought about the economic and ecological expansion of the project scope. Moreover, Bright was willing to enter into a lease formula and they will take on the full exploitation of the installation.” said Christel Van Moer, Project Manager Innovation Projects at Aquafin

Purifying water

Purifying water generates sludge. This sludge is digested and biogas is released during this process. Not only the sludge from Aquafin is recycled on this site, but also the sludge from other water-treatment plants. The PurePac installation installed at Aquafin will ensure that the biogas is converted into biomethane at 60 Nm³ per hour of biomethane in the most ecological way possible, thanks to tried and tested systems with membrane technology. The purified water can then be returned to the Belgian nature, ensuring more clean water in circulation.