Biomethane Project in Lohja, Finland Ready to Run

11 December 2020
Commissioned by the Nordic energy company Gasum, Bright delivered a biogas upgrading system to upgrade biogas to biomethane in Lohja, Finland. The specific PurePac Arctic Medium, read more about producing biomethane in Arctic conditions, is since this week ready to run. Commissioning is planned in the first quarter of 2021.

Biogas Upgrading

Bright’s biogas upgrading system is integrated at Gasum’s biogas plant that will produce 6.8 million Nm³ biogas, or 40 GWh of biogas, from 60,000 tonnes of biowaste per year. For distribution through the gasgrid, the produced biogas with a low methane content of 63% needs to be upgraded to a product gas of natural gas quality. This is done using Bright’s biogas upgrading technology. Applying highly efficient membrane technology, the biogas is upgraded to 4.4 million Nm³ biomethane and then contains a high methane content of 97%. Finally, the biomethane – a renewable gas – is distributed through the gasgrid, and can be used by approximately 3,000 Finnish households for heating, cooking and warm water. Read more about project Lohja.