Start-up / CommissioningSeptember 2020
Capacity600 Nm³ / hr raw biogas
340 Nm³ / hr biomethane
Methane concentration in raw biogas55%
Methane concentration in product gas97%

Efficiency> 99.5%
Type installationPurePac Medium

Vry, France

Bright Biomethane has built a biogas upgrading system in the village of Vry in the northeast of France. The system upgrades biogas to biomethane. The biogas is produced from various organic waste streams.

This system produces 340 Nm³ / hr biomethane from 600 Nm³ / hr biogas. The biomethane is directly injected into the gas grid for French households and can be used for cooking and heating.

In addition to the production of biomethane, the system could be extended with a CO₂ liquefaction system to recover and liquefy CO₂.