Start-up / commissioningMarch 2018
Capacity350 Nm³/hr raw biogas
234 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas60%
Methane concentration product gas89% (Dutch low calorific natural gas)
Type installationPurePac Compact

Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Bright Biomethane has built a biogas upgrading installation for a regional water board, one of the 22 Dutch water boards in the Netherlands. The installation produces 1,000,000 Nm3 biomethane, also known as green gas, annually at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Vlaardingen.
The production of green gas contributes to the reduction of CO2-emissions as it is fed directly into the natural gas grid.

This turn-key upgrading installation comes in a 40 ft container, including a compressor, membrane filters, control panel, odorization components and a biogas analysis system. Active carbon filters are placed outside the container. Optionally, the installation can be expanded to purify CO2.