Year of commissioning2019
Capacity385 Nm³/hr biogas
250 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration in raw biogas58%
Methane concentration in product gas89%

Type installationPurePac Medium

Marrum, Netherlands

Bright Biomethane installed a PurePac Medium biogas upgrading installation in Marrum. By separating methane from carbon dioxide, the installation produces 250 Nm3 of biomethane per hour, which is  injected into the gas grid.

The annual production of 2.2 million Nm3 biomethane is equivalent to the gas consumption of roughly 1,450 households.

In addition, the installation can expand its capacity to handle 40% more biogas and produce 350 Nm3 biomethane per hour. Optionally, the installation can be in the future extended with a CO2 liquefaction system.