Start-up / CommissioningMarch, 2020
Capacity250 Nm³/hr raw biogas
149 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration in raw biogas58%
Methane concentration in product gas97%

Efficiency> 99%
Type installationPurePac Compact

Lappeenranta, Finland

Bright Biomethane constructed a PurePac Arctic biogas upgrading system in Finland. The system facilitates production of biomethane from biogas, which is produced from various waste residues.

This system produces 149 Nm3/hr of biomethane from 250 Nm3/hr biogas. The produced biomethane is directed to the nearby gas stations where it functions as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel. The systems adds a odorant so the gas can’t escape unnoticed which makes it safe to use.

In addition to the production of biomethane, the system can also be extended with a Bright CO₂-liquefaction system to recover and liquefy the CO₂.