Start constructionSeptember 2015
Start-up / commissioningNovember 2016
Capacity400 Nm³/hr biogas
210 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas 50-55%
Methane concentration product gas> 93% (gas type B)
Efficiency> 99%
Type InstallationPurePac Compact

Eppeville, France

Bright Biomethane supplied a biogas upgrading installation for a project in Eppeville, France for upgrading biogas to biomethane using highly efficient membranes. This way, the separation of methane from biogas can reach an efficiency of more than 99.5% and render biomethane suitable for injection in the national grid or compression to CNG.

The biogas upgrading system in this project has a capacity of 400 Nm³ biogas/hr and upgrades the gas to 210 Nm³/hr biomethane. The upgraded gas will be injected into the national gas grid. The upgrading system has been placed at an industrial digestion installation with a capacity of 35,000 tons per year. The input of the installation consists of manure, sludge and vegetables waste.

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