Start-up / CommissioningDecember 2018
Capacity65 Nm³/hr raw biogas
40 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration in raw biogas55 – 60%
Methane concentration in product gas89%
Type installationPurePac Mini

Deurningen, Netherlands

A PurePac Mini biogas-to-biomethane upgrading system was installed in Deurningen, adjacent to a Microferm plant that is generating biogas from cow manure.

The installation produces 40 Nm3 green gas (biomethane) per hour, and 350,000 Nm3 a year, which is sufficient for the average gas consumption of 220 Dutch households. The produced biomethane is injected directly into the national gas grid.

The installation is equipped with a chiller system and THT injection.

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