Presentation at Fachkongress Holzenergie in Würzburg, Germany on 27 September

During the Fachkongress Holzenergie on September 27th in Würzburg, Markus Alexander Schranzer and Ivan Derkink will go in depth about the essential add-on carbon capture systems for modern biomass & waste-fired heat and power plants. Be sure to join their presentation: “Boiler plants of the future – why “only” CO2 neutral if negative is also possible?”.

Carbon capture for any combustion process

Bright’s carbon capture technology is specifically engineered to be suitable for any combustion process that generates flue gases. Whether you are a greenhouse grower or involved in industrial operations, this system can be seamlessly integrated to capture carbon from flue gas, promoting sustainable practices. For those utilizing biomass-fired boiler plants, this carbon capture system offers a complete circular solution. It not only allows the provision of sustainable CO2 for various applications but also offers the potential for additional income and cost savings by reducing CO2 transport distances. Our commitment to innovation ensures that this technology provides a practical and economically viable approach to environmental responsibility. Get more information from our experts at the Fachkongress Holzenergie during their presentation: “Boiler plants of the future – why “only” CO2 neutral if negative is also possible?”.

Fachkongress Holzenergie

The Fachkongress Holzenergie is a dedicated conference about wood energy held on 26-27 September in the Congress Center in Würzburg. The two-day event consists of 12 sessions in which exciting topics from an economic, scientific or political perspective will be presented. On the second day of the conference, Bright Renewables will present as part of the HoSt Group. You can register here to attend to the conference.