Opstart / inbedrijfstelling2019
Capaciteit1,000 Nm³/hr raw biogas (future: 1,200 Nm³/hr raw biogas)
600 Nm³/hr biomethane (future: 720 Nm³/hr biomethane)
Methaanconcentratie in ruw biogas50 – 65%
Methaanconcentratie in product gas97%

Efficiëntie> 99.5%
Type installatiePurePac Grand


Bright Biomethane constructed a new biogas upgrading system in a small village in the north of Scotland. The system facilitates production of biomethane from biogas, which is produced from various waste residues.

What makes this system unique, is its ability to expand production of biomethane by adding additional upgrading membrane modules. This system will initially produce 600 Nm3/hr of biomethane from 1,000 Nm3/hr biogas, but can be extended in the future to produce 720 Nm3/hr from 1,200 Nm3/hr biogas.

The produced biomethane will be directly injected into the national grid and is sufficient for supplying roughly 2,600 Scottish households with green gas, used for cooking and heating. After the installation of additional upgrading modules, another 500 households can be supplied with green gas. Alternatively, the produced gas the can also be used as CNG (vehicle fuel).