Join Bright at GreenTech, Amsterdam (June 14-16)

Bright is attending GreenTech June 14-16 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Meet us at the shared booth 01.653 with the HoSt Group. Be sure to come by, the Bright Team will be happy to tell you more about our carbon capture technology. Register now and get a free ticket!

Why attend?

Join Bright at GreenTech to learn more about our carbon capture technology. Our team of experts will be pleased to tell you more about the possibilities to implement this technology at your existing or new facility.

Bright with their vast experience offers support throughout all process steps from engineering to commissioning, final acceptance, and 24/7 remote and local maintenance services.

Carbon capture technology

With the modular and compact carbon capture technology of Bright, CO2 from combustion flue gas is captured and converted into liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy plants to reduce COemissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production.

Bright biogas upgrading technology applying highly efficient membrane technology includes integrated virtual pipeline technology, 24/7 local and remote service and maintenance, RNG-to-grid, and bio-CNG and bio-LNG. Bright also offers in-house CO2 liquefaction technology for food-grade liquid CO2, and carbon capture technology to capture CO2 from flue gas of both existing and new combustion plants.

Enterprising horticulturists who want to meet their heat requirements sustainably can use this way of capturing the carbon of the flue gas. This allows for the provision of a sustainable source for CO2 supply to the greenhouses to grow crops. For greenhouse growers with their own biomass-fired boiler plant, the addition of carbon capture technology means a full circular cycle. Captured carbon is an additional income, especially in the months when heat demand is low, and the local production of COreduces transport distances and thus the cost of the CO2.

Bright offers Carbon Capture technology to capture CO2 from the flue gas for our new plants, but also for existing combustion plants.


GreenTech is the global meeting place of horticulture. GreenTech will be held at RAI Amsterdam, it is a multiple day event and it’s your chance to experience horticulture solutions first-hand. Besides Bright, there will be other professionals en exhibitors which gives you a good opportunity for networking and building new connections.