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Transform CO2 into Opportunity with CO2 Liquefaction

Sustainable Solutions by Bright:

Bright Renewables' technology recovers and purifies CO2 from biogas upgrading processes, producing food-grade liquid CO2. Our CarboPac-L system is essential for reducing carbon intensity and creating additional revenue streams for biogas plant operators.

Bright Renewables' CarboPac-L system comes in four sizes ranging from 300 kg/hr up to 8000 kg/hr with the option to add more than one system if needs demand higher output.

Ready to turn your CO2 emissions into a valuable resource?

Why Choose Bright’s CO2 Liquefaction?

The Process:

The process starts with purifying the carbon dioxide gas through an activated carbon filter. Following this, the carbon dioxide is compressed using an oil-free compressor. Moisture is then eliminated by a molecular sieve dryer ensuring complete dryness. The carbon dioxide is subsequently liquefied in the liquefier, where it is separated from non-condensable gases like oxygen, methane, and nitrogen. The purified liquid CO2 is then stored in an insulated tank, ready for various applications. Meanwhile, the non-condensables are recycled to boost methane recovery rates to above 99%.

The Result:

  • High Purity Output: Achieve over 99.97% pure liquid CO2 that meets stringent food-grade standards.
  • Energy Efficient: Utilize technology that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing output.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for industries like refrigeration, beverage carbonation, and more, our CO2 liquefaction technology adapts to various needs.

Liquid carbon dioxide is both safe and environmentally friendly.  Discover more about our innovative solutions and join us in making a positive impact on the environment at Bright Renewables CO2 Liquefaction.