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Bright attending Biogas Convention & Fair Trade in Nuremberg

Our team of Sales Engineers will be ready to answer your questions during the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair, the annual conference of the German Biogas Association. It will once again take place from 7 to 9 December 2021 in Nuremberg.

National and international visitors and participants can focus entirely on current topics, information and innovations relating to biogas. The focus is on personal exchange, visitors can come to Nuremberg and talk with Bright about new successful concepts for their future. Take advantage of the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair 2021, one of the first major biogas live events since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and come visit us at our booth in Hall 9, number D67. Get your tickets here.

The event will host more than 60 national and international papers and talks, workshops and panel discussions highlighted topics from all areas of the biogas sector: research, technology, legal, safety, etc. The unique professional competence of the German Biogas Association and its members and networks provides the basis for a cutting-edge programme that addresses both national and international topics.

Why is biomethane more profitable?

Bright upgrades biogas to green gas by using membrane technology. Green gas has a much smaller impact on the ecosystem. Processing biogas to green gas instead of burning it for electricity is worthwhile because the net output is 130% higher. And at the same time it can be used more widely than eco-electricity. Our smallest PurePac can supply 400 households with warmth. For that you need 2.6 CHP plants!

And how does Bright to do that?

Bright uses the best membrane technology on the market available for the treatment of biogas. So we can guarantee an efficiency of 99.7% and a lifetime of at least 10 years. Due to the high efficiency of our systems, besides the production of biomethane it is also possible to recover the separated CO2. This means there is a second source of income when using one of our PurePacs! Bright also offers prefabricated systems suitable for all industries and all new and existing biogas plants.

The best alternative for your CHP? We have the solution!

Your biogas plant is one of many in Germany that have a great potential to produce biomethane (green gas) instead of heat and electricity. Upgrading biogas to biomethane is a very attractive alternative compared to using a combined heat and power (CHP) plant that produces electricity and heat. By upgrading biogas, your biogas plant can become a profitable organisation.

Advantages of Bright Biomethane technology:


    The use of highly efficient membrane technology guarantees a methane yield of ≥ 99.5%.


    Intelligent design and high-quality components result in low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.


    Due to the standardised modular design.


    Container units with small footprint reduce on-site installation costs.


    Fully automatic operation with remote control and monitoring.


    Additional revenue streams can be generated by producing food-grade liquid CO2. With this option, it is also possible to reduce methane slip to zero.


    Heat pump technology to recover low temperature heat and further reduce operating costs.


    For transport fuel applications and “virtual pipeline”.


    Containerised units with small footprint reduce on-site installation costs.


    Bright Biomethane has a maintenance and service team in Europe (different levels of maintenance contracts available) and a helpdesk with 24-hour service.

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Are you not able to attend the Biogas Convention and Fair Trade in December? Don’t want to wait this long? Contact us now.