Bright at World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK (June 15-16)

Come and meet Bright at the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK. World Biogas Expo is one of the world’s leading trade expo dedicated to biogas. The Bright team will be happy to discuss the best biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction or carbon capture solution. Find us at booth B503 and take a VR 360 tour through our PurePac biogas upgrading system!

Why attend?

Join Bright at this event to learn more about our biogas upgrading systems, COliquefaction systems, and carbon capture technology. The Bright team is happy to tell you more about the possibilities to implement these technologies at your existing or new facility.

Bright with their vast experience offers support throughout all process steps from engineering to commissioning, final acceptance, and 24/7 remote and local maintenance services. Come by our stand, and learn everything about our optimized maintenance service with smart glasses & remote support from our Bright Services engineers. Bright’s remote service speeds up maintenance, repair, and inspection processes, and record and monitor maintenance work in real time, to ensure the highest plant availability.

VR 360 tour

At our booth B503, you can have an inside look in a PurePac Medium system via a VR 360 tour. This PurePac Medium system is a very successful project of Bright and is located in Alpen-Chaam, Netherlands. Bright installed this PurePac Medium biogas upgrading system at a farm in Alpen-Chaam, as part of the biogas plant that produces biogas from manure which is upgraded to biomethane in the PurePac.

Biogas upgrading

The smart design combined with high-quality components guarantees high system availability and low maintenance cost. Since the system arrives on-site fully pre-tested the commissioning can be done quickly. The system operates fully automatic and the advanced controls ensure a quick response to fluctuations in the biogas supply. With remote monitoring and customized service & maintenance contracts the efficiency of the operation can be optimized further.

CO2 liquefaction

A Bright CO2 liquefaction system can be added to the biogas upgrader to recover and liquefy COto create an extra source of revenue for the owner of the biogas plant with a biogas upgrading system. Zero methane slip is achieved since the small amount of methane still present in the CO2 is recovered during the liquefaction process.

Carbon capture technology

With the modular and compact carbon capture technology of Bright, CO2 from combustion flue gas is captured and converted into liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy plants to reduce COemissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production.

Bright biogas upgrading technology applying highly efficient membrane technology includes integrated virtual pipeline technology, 24/7 local and remote service and maintenance, RNG-to-grid, and bio-CNG and bio-LNG. Bright also offers in-house CO2 liquefaction technology for food-grade liquid CO2, and carbon capture technology to capture CO2 from flue gas of both existing and new combustion plants.

Maintenance services

Bright offers international tailor-made maintenance service for our supplied systems and those of third parties. For this sake, Bright has local service and maintenance teams, 24/7 available, in several countries that can provide maintenance for biogas plants, biogas upgrading systems and wood-fired heat and power plants. Bright also provides remote service, for a faster and more efficient maintenance service with the use of smart glasses and a control room to connect service technicians or customers on site with Bright Services experts across the world. The advantages of our optimized Maintenance Service with Smart Glasses & Remote Support:

  • Record & monitor maintenance work – in real time
  • Speeds up maintenance, repair, and inspection processes
  • Results in very high availability of the plant
  • Connect service technicians or customers on site with Bright Services experts across the world