Bright Renewables - CO2 Liquefaction Technology

Bright Renewables at The Value of Biogas East in Toronto, Canada on April 25-26

Join Bright Renewables at the upcoming Value of Biogas East event in Toronto, Canada on April 25-26, 2023. Our team will be located at booth number 47 and we invite you to stop by and learn more about our innovative biogas upgrading systems and CO2 liquefaction and bio-LNG technologies.

Bright provides a selection of biogas upgrading systems that employ highly efficient membrane technology, in addition to offering a Biogas Upgrading as a Service solution, which enables clients to concentrate on their core business. At the same time, Bright handles the investment, development, and maintenance of the biogas upgrading system. During the event, we would like to introduce our offerings.

CO2 Liquefaction & bioLNG

Bright’s CO2 liquefaction technology is a unique and in-house solution that effectively converts biomass into liquid CO2, using clean circular cooling and a containerized system for easy installation on-site with a quick start-up. The technology not only generates additional revenue streams by producing liquid (bio)CO2 for various industries but also improves the carbon intensity score of the facility by reducing methane loss during upgrading, bringing the company one step closer to becoming carbon neutral.
The technology offers a clean substitute for CO2 from natural gas, which is increasingly in short supply due to high natural gas prices, increased independence of CO2 buyers and consumers, and reduced carbon emissions. With the ability to recover and liquefy CO2 with zero methane slip, the CO2 liquefaction technology from Bright Renewables is a valuable addition to any biogas plant with a biogas upgrading system.
Additionally, with the modular biomethane liquefaction technology of Bright, RNG from biogas can be converted into bio-liquefied natural gas, also known as liquid biomethane (bioLNG). This allows local biomethane producers to access their own high-quality heavy transportation fuel.

“Biomethane production is a good match with dairy farming; a win-win situation. Compared to a CHP system, Bright’s upgrader runs more stable, is easier to operate and less prone to breakdowns. Major maintenance is done within one day. In addition, the biogas upgrader is modular. Last year I added membranes for more biomethane production and soon I will scale-up again!”

Jan Dirk Ubbel | Customer of PurePac Compact – 250 Nm3/hr biogas

Value Of Biogas East

The Value of Biogas East will offer a complete conference schedule with a range of presentations on biogas and RNG from speakers who are both informative and captivating. In addition, the conference will furnish sponsors and exhibitors with numerous networking opportunities, allowing them to establish new connections with their peers.